Germany, a worker of Mint in Berlin confirm: “We stopped printing Euros”

“Since last Monday we started to print Mark and stopped printing Euros”. To make it known is a worker of the Mint of Berlin told the news at the italian site

“The news is top secret – the source reveals that, for obvious reasons, preferred to remain anonymous – so much so that the press knows German but do not say to avoid panic in the markets. From November 28 in the Mint we stopped to print Euros “.

On November the 28th was also the day on which the German state has allowed, through a spokesman for Angela Merkel, Steffen Seibert, that the resources of Germany “are not infinite,” and that “we do not have the financial strength and infinite Europe can not claim to have a force that did not. Germany is strong but has no unlimited powers. “

“As we continue at this rate – adds the employee – would easily be able to meet the demand for money is required to cover our internal market if the Euro were missing. Written on the coins is the date of the next year. “

Perhaps German strategy is just a precaution, a sort of alternative way to be ready in case of a Euro disaster.

Regarding the hypothesis of breezy ‘new Euro’ instead – a coin of the North end stronger and more stable which would involve Germany, Sweden and Norway, and a weaker band south and subject to depreciation – the brand does not get any confirmation. “We have heard – he admits – but we have not seen any cliches or started to print some for trial.”